Category: Case Studies

Case Study 4: High Blood Pressure »

It is said that high blood pressure patients (HBP) have to take medication for rest of their lives; however, this patient’s HBP has been remedied by acupuncture.
Patient: Female, 66
On 11/4/2011 Ms. H came to our clinic and started her treatment for neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure (HBP).
Initial prognosis showed Bell’s posy; numbness [...]

Case Study 3: Bedridden »

Patient: 57 male

Stiff shoulders
Intense lower back pain
Prevented him from moving/turning his body

Strangely, my patient was not the first person to tell me about his health problems. It was his sister from California who called and asked me to acupuncture him to alleviate his pain.

My patient was bedridden; he does not like to move [...]

Case Study 2: Bleeding out life »

Patient: 46-year-old male

Frequent sinusitis infection due to allergies
Cycles of constipation and diarrhea
Traces of fresh blood in stool
Esophageal reflux and frequent laryngitis

The first time we met was in May 2009 and he shared with me his symptoms listed above.
My patient works in a company headquartered in Memphis; it also has a few branches in Europe, [...]

Case Study 1: Aching all over »

Patient: 52-year-old female

Ache in the shoulders, arms, hip and seat bone
Numbness in little finger
Tightness in thighs and legs
Cramps in calves at night

Our patient works at a computer all day, every day, and she does try to keep from becoming too stiff by stretching out and moving around during breaks. Despite her genuine efforts, she [...]