Case Study 4: High Blood Pressure

It is said that high blood pressure patients (HBP) have to take medication for rest of their lives; however, this patient’s HBP has been remedied by acupuncture.

Patient: Female, 66

On 11/4/2011 Ms. H came to our clinic and started her treatment for neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure (HBP).

Initial prognosis showed Bell’s posy; numbness and movement problem on left side of her body; pain in whole body especially in shoulder and lower back; bloating in abdomen.

Blood pressure: 144 / 81 with blood pressure pill (She has been taking HBP pill for 28 years).

After the first treatment she had very different feeling in her body. Then she kept her receiving treatments twice a week and then changed to once a week. After 11 treatments her blood pressure started to decrease gradually. Other symptoms have subsided as well

Since her blood pressure lowered, she has cut her HBP pill gradually from a half dose, to 1/4 doses and eventually to 1/8 dose. She completely stopped her HBP pills as of 11/11/13.

She continues to receive acupuncture treatments bi-weekly.

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