Case Study 2: Bleeding out life

Patient: 46-year-old male


  • Frequent sinusitis infection due to allergies
  • Cycles of constipation and diarrhea
  • Traces of fresh blood in stool
  • Esophageal reflux and frequent laryngitis

The first time we met was in May 2009 and he shared with me his symptoms listed above.

My patient works in a company headquartered in Memphis; it also has a few branches in Europe, Asia and South America. His work takes him all around the world with many hours on the plane, grueling schedules and a lack of sleep. Because he spends so much time on the job, he has had little to no time to take care of himself. The lack of attention to his health caused him terrible problems.

Despite his efforts to seek help from many different doctors, none were able to help him, and some even have great difficulty making a diagnosis, much less alleviating his pain. One day, his friend told him, “Acupuncture may help,” so he came to see me.

After one treatment, his diarrhea got a little better, the bleeding lessened, his speech returned, and he generally feels better.

Three treatments later, his diarrhea condition improved dramatically, the bleeding slowed, and his sinuses went back to normal with no more allergies or reflux.

After six treatments, he completely stopped experiencing diarrhea and bleeding; there was also no sign of laryngitis. Let’s just say he was a very happy man.

Now he continues to seek steady treatment to maintain his great, new health condition so he can finally live his life.


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