Case Study 1: Aching all over

Patient: 52-year-old female


  • Ache in the shoulders, arms, hip and seat bone
  • Numbness in little finger
  • Tightness in thighs and legs
  • Cramps in calves at night

Our patient works at a computer all day, every day, and she does try to keep from becoming too stiff by stretching out and moving around during breaks. Despite her genuine efforts, she still experiences aches in her shoulder, arm, hip, and seat bone; numbness in her little finger; tightness in her thighs and legs; as well as cramps in her calves at night.

My observation is that many parts of her body, even the whole back has a stagnation of Qi (air or oxygen) and Blood which causes the lack of nutrients to the muscles. I treated her to regain the flow of Qi in her back.

Two weeks after first treatment, I called her and asked her why she did not come back to see me again. She said: “All the problems have been fixed. All the pain stopped.”


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