Thank you for all of your help and support during the last two years. We believe you have played a major role in the recovery of Emily. We appreciate your dedication! You were at our home helping Emily 3 days a week during sunny, rainy, and stormy days. We will miss you and we will stay in touch.

-Lisa, Andy, and Emily

My husband is so impressed with the positive changes in my overall health and wellness that he is now a patient of Dr. Wang's. Thank you for your care, you have impacted our lives forever! ( I say overall health because it has impacted all aspects of my health and wellness, not just my initial concerns.)

Thank you, Tania & Bryan

I am 33 years old and have not been feeling well, medical doctors have been sending me from one specialist to another to no avail. Dr. Wang asked and listened to me, and seems to have be a logical, downright insightful approach to well-being. Not knowing anything about Acupuncture, I had my reservations and now I realize how many people would benefit from TCM.

Sincerely, Mrs. Thomas

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Thank you for your interest in Beijing Modern Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We diagnose diseases based on TCM, and We treat our patients with acupuncture. TCM which includes acupuncture is effective for many diseases especially chronic problems, such as:

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